1. Scarypoolparty – The Act of ForgivenessThe former American Idol runner up is the antithesis of an Idol pop star. He is the most creative star to ever set foot on their stage.
  2. Celeste – Not Your Muse. You can have Taylor and Adele. I will take Celeste.
  3. Twenty One Pilots – Scaled & IcyBest pop record of the year.
  4. Viagra Boys – Welfare JazzGritty. Funky. Rock greatness.
  5. Jon Batiste – WE AREI love Bruno. I love Anderson Paak. And if you do too, this album should be a given.
  6. Hilang Child – Every MoverThe mystery artist on my list. Who is he?
  7. Navy Blue – Song of Sage: Post Panic! Dripping with jazz. My favorite rap album of the year.
  8. Rap Ferreira – B.O.B. True poetry.
  9. Blockhead – Space Werewolves Will Be The End Of Us AllThe beats master makes my top ten two years in a row,
  10. McKinley Dixon – For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her. This oozes 90’s hip hop. Pure gold.


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