I have found this to be a very hard year to evaluate music. It is not that there hasn’t been great music and not that there isn’t music I am super excited to camp on for years to come. To be honest, I think we have gotten used to the heaviness of the pandemic. The pandemic is deadly as ever, but 2020 was the height of the emotion of the pandemic and for me that emotion made last year’s new music take root in my DNA. How about you? That connect with you? Comment below to let me know I am not alone.

As a result this year has been a little less connected to the emotions we are experiencing for me. It is more like years past where great music finds its way to the top. Just a reminder if you are new here; what will come are my top picks for the year. All of us listen and react differently to music. I hope you will find an unknown gem here that expands your music listening experience. Please send new stuff my way. This is a shared experience.

So, what are you in store for here?. This year there are some real subtle gems that are in my top records of the year. They include some very famous bands whose albums are getting overlooked because they’re not on the charts. You will also see some super obscure underground artists that I think are worth listening to. Artists that never get the coverage that they deserve. Stay tuned for what could be the most unique and different list I’ve ever put together. 

This playlist is what I am using to whittle away to my top twenty. Stay tuned. Literally.


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