9. Kevin Morby – This Is A Photograph

This Bob Dylan sounding creative storyteller has resonated with me before. But, this feels good to the core. Nostalgic storytelling at its best. In the past I have found Morby’s approach nice, enjoyable, but never compelling. This is compellingly understated defined. Every listen reveals to you a new favorite song or lyric. I highly recommend the Pitchfork review pinned here. It captures the whole thing well. Of my favorite albums this year this is the one that never stopped climbing further and further up the list. In the last month it went from On the Outside Looking In to #12 to #10 to finally placed at #9.  I’m fearful I have ranked it too low.


This Is a Photograph, the striking new album by Kevin Morby, is partly a document of his own Memphis vision quest. With respect to depth and quality, it’s much closer to Simon than Cohn: polished and sure, but full of heart and wild touches; broad in emotional scope, but pierced with thematic chutes and ladders; plush with period furnishings, but arranged in exciting, inviting ways. Morby sounds like Dan Bejar doing his most respectful Dylan, with that wily little wheeze. By infusing his artful folk-rock with the unfailingly pleasing sounds of vintage gospel and soul, Morby has made an ambitious record that proudly stands out in his sprawling catalog.- Brian Howe (Pitchfork)

Kevin Morby: This Is a Photograph

There is a Memphis that exists only in song, where the 20th century never ended, and the mahogany heart of Boomer Americana still pounds. It’s a city where legends-Johnny Cash and Sun Records in the ’50s; Isaac Hayes and Stax in the ’60s; Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B.


This Is A Photograph, by Kevin Morby

This Is A Photograph by Kevin Morby, released 13 May 2022 1. This Is A Photograph 2. A Random Act Of Kindness 3. Bittersweet, TN 4. Disappearing 5. A Coat Of Butterflies 6. Rock Bottom 7. Five Easy Pieces 8. Stop Before I Cry 9. It’s Over 10.

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