7. John Moreland – Birds In The Ceiling

At first this album didn’t move me as much as his 2020 LP5. This was probably going to be the case no matter what. LP5 captivated me and made my top five a couple of years ago. Much like the Gang of Youths dilemma I mentioned a couple of posts ago;  my love for the last album put the new album at a disadvantage. 

5. John Moreland – LP5

John Moreland – LP5 One is not like any of the others. What have we here? A singer songwriter? A style that used to dominate my list until the liberation of my listening. (See RTJ review for more on that). When I discovered this one.

Live shows have more than one purpose. Not only do you get to engage an artist you love; concerts are heart bonding. You always leave feeling like you belong. The music was the soundtrack of your life for one day. So, after seeing John live in October and marinating on the vinyl record in my reading time I have grown to really love this album and consider Moreland my current favorite singer/songwriter.

Album Review: John Moreland, ‘Birds in the Ceiling’ – Folk Alley

John Moreland’s songwriting keeps getting better and better. ‘Birds in the Ceiling’ brilliantly captures the insistent human struggle between being along and being with others; between the desires of the individual and the demands of community; between the ravages of despair and the rewards of love.

John is a southern boy living in a southern world that ideologically he might not agree with. That is fleshed out in depth on this record. On “Claim Your Prize” he subtly mocks the January 6th/*rumpsters for being duped. It’s poignant musically and scathing lyrically. I love it.

“I guess it’s a comfort, living your delusion / It makes me sad to see the kind of drugs you’re using / The fear and anger, waves and waves of grief / I don’t know how you missed it, your hero is a thief.”

The interview delves deeper into those thoughts.

INTERVIEW: John Moreland Searches for Truth With New Album, ‘Birds in the Ceiling’

Like many of his peers, John Moreland figured he’d write new songs nonstop when the pandemic first hit in the spring of 2020. After all, he couldn’t tour anymore and was basically stuck inside his home in Oklahoma like the rest of the world.

John has the most deep, soothing, reflective voice in the industry right now. I love that he is low key and not an unapproachable star. But, for his sake I hope the riches come his way. He’s earned it.

John Moreland – “East October” – Skully’s, October 9. 2022

John Moreland – “East October” at Skully’s, Columbus, OH. October 9, … | TikTok

38 Likes, TikTok video from Kenny Sipes (@kennysipes): “John Moreland – “East October” at Skully’s, Columbus, OH. October 9, 2022″. original sound – Kenny Sipes.


Birds In The Ceiling, by John Moreland

Birds In The Ceiling by John Moreland, released 22 July 2022 1. Ugly Faces 2. Lion’s Den 3. Cheap Idols Dressed in Expensive Garbage 4. Generational Dust 5. Dim Little Light 6. Claim Your Prize 7. Neon Middle June 8. Truth Be Told 9.

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