4. Mondo Cozmo – This Is For The Barbarians

Catchy, relevant, anthemic, and in search for a genre to put him over the top.

This is for the Barbarians should be consumed as a singular piece. A complete idea. 

Mondo Cozmo is the realist and optimist intertwined. I feel like I’m this guy in my life. Although I scream optimism I tend to be in over thinker that sounds pessimistic. A guy who is more realistic but wants to be an optimist. Am I making sense? And that’s what I get out of Mondo. It’s poppy, it’s catchy, it’s memorable and it’s great.

You might know Mondo my his massive international hit, “Shine”

And admittedly that is the song that drew me to him, but ultimately it was his dramatic song arrangements with a voice like a young Springsteen. Partner that with songwriting like The Boss or Gang of Youths and you find yourself drowning in the swirling sounds, the matter of fact vocals, and a thinking man’s lyrics.

Some examples:

“Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you well
And sitting in the sun and breathing deep the air
Be not full of fear, there is no darkness here
Just a lifting of the veil for the ending of the world” – Electrify My Love

Pay your taxes, send your faxes, wash your hands and mend your fences
Conversations, limitations, speculation at the stations
Pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s, all the meat inside your freezer
I’ve been waving to the neighbors, I’ve been looking for the answers
Say a prayer for Momma’s wears and here’s to hoping that you get out alive – “Meant For Livin'”

When I was young I prayed for love
Now I pray for the world at war
When I get old I’ll hold my tongue
And say farewell for the end has come
And every breath of every word
Will wreak havoc on return
Hold on a little more
There’s an end to the war, I’m sure – “Ww3”

When waves are arising
And the wind won’t stop
When the earth dies screaming
And the angels won’t come
When those towers fell and you gave up
When the earth cries blood and I scream shut up
All your guns are aimed now to the sun
You dream of glory and I dream of love – “Hang On”

My only complaint about the album is it doesn’t sound like it was produced well. For some reason, it gets a little distorted any time you try to really capture the depth of the music. To tinny, lacks bass. Not sure what happened there. But, you are reading music reviews from a guy with hearing aids. Could just be listener error. :)

Mondo cozmo

You hear and read countless stories about blood, sweat, and tears all shed in the name of art and-paid like a toll to unseen forces-for its creation. However, you never validate how much of each fluid really flowed…or do you?


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