10. Frank Turner – FTHC – Of all the solid middle of the road rock albums this year, this is the stand out. It is tagged as hardcore, Frank Turner Hard Core, but this feels a bit too tame for that label. It is driving and fast paced except when it is not. Especially found in the most poignant songs on the album. Both simple meditative pieces you will not soon forget. Frank’s accepting his father’s transition to a woman. And the heaviness of the drowning suicide of his friend, Scott Hutchison, lead singer of Frightened Rabbit in the track, “A Wave Across A Bay”. The acoustic takes on the Deluxe version gives this album the depth you never saw coming. 

Trigger warning. This song delves deeply into the emotion of suicide.

In the end this album conveys story and angst. Most great rock albums do this. Lull me in with guitar riffs, keep me here with relatability.

Album review: Frank Turner – FTHC

Frank Turner goes back to hardcore and a whole lot more on superb ninth album, FTHC.

Frank Turner

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